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Brand Support is the Life Blood of the Sport.


Partner with Tough Draw for impactful brand exposure. Explore tailored opportunities beyond traditional models, including custom campaigns and event activations.

Our Sponsorship Approach

Discover the unique approach Tough Draw Sports and Entertainment takes when partnering with sponsors. We go beyond traditional sponsorship models, offering tailored opportunities for brands to connect with our audience in authentic and impactful ways. From custom marketing campaigns to exclusive event activations, we ensure sponsors receive maximum exposure and value from their partnership with us.

Finding Sponsors for Our Athletes

At Tough Draw Sports and Entertainment, we understand the importance of securing sponsorships for our athletes to support their careers and aspirations. Our dedicated team works closely with athletes to identify their unique strengths and values, crafting compelling sponsorship proposals that resonate with brands. Through our extensive network and strategic approach, we help athletes forge meaningful partnerships that elevate their visibility, support their journey, and propel them towards success.


Partner Brands that are supporting Western Culture through the Tough Draw Sports Team

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