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Meet Kyler

Say hello to Kyler Oliver! 

Hailing from the great rodeo state of Utah, this tough cowboy climbed on the back of sheep and watched his uncles ride broncs and bulls since he was just a kid. He thought it was the coolest thing a guy could do and sat with his grandpa to take in the PBR events on TV, but Kyler longed to be on the other side of that screen. Not only has he seen that dream through, he's made some big waves on the back of the rankest bulls in the PBR, including 3 PBR World Finals, and he's been a part of oull riding history with the teams format as a valued member of the KC Outlaws. He attributes his success in rodeo to the grandparents that did more than just raise him, they gave him the opportunities he needed by running him to youth rodeos and mini bull riding event all over the western US. Kyler has his eyes set on big goals, including riding in every country possible. One of his favorite quotes is by Marcus Aurelius: "A man's worth is no grater than his ambitions.”

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3X PBR World Finals

Winner Of PBR New York

10 - 90 Point Rides


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